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Scheduling a meeting with MS Exchange  


Meetings are a lifeline of any Organization. However, the process of fixing a meeting is extremely tedious.  So if a person wishes to initiate a meeting, the process of identifying a time slot where all attendees are available, is extremely time consuming and usually involves making multiple phone calls and lot of emails going back and forth. 

Using MS Exchange, a part of Office365, the complete process of scheduling a meeting can be streamlined, thus saving lot of time. Lets see how. 


In the screen shot below, you see the first step of fixing a meeting. Here the organizer adds the names of the people who are required in the meeting. Next he fixes the date and time of the meeting. So he is ready to send the invite. 



However, even if this meeting invite is sent, the organizer does not know if the time is suitable for all So he makes use of Scheduling assistant. Immediately he can see that on Monday, the meeting cannot be held as others are busy the whole day. Also notice that organizer can set reminder in the meeting request. So if he sets 15 minutes, all attendees will get a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. Very Cool !
Next the organizer then puts Tuesday and gets a visual that he can have a meeting on Tuesday between 1:30 and 2:30 PM. He then also selects the meeting room and sends the invite.


The attendee gets a notification of the meeting as shown below. He accepts.

As soon as he accepts the meeting request , his Calendar gets auto updated as shown below:



So what we have seen is that using  the Meeting Scheduler feature of MS Exchange Online , the organizer is able to save at least 1 hour per meeting considering average meeting size of 5 people. Now is we calculate average of 10 meetings in a month, we are talking of savings of at least 10 hours . If the average cost of Rs. 500/= per hour is taken , it means that direct savings of at least Rs. 5000/= per month . That is quite a decent amount ! 


If you wish to streamline your Office meetings, click on submit button and send us your queries. We shall then help you ensure that your meetings are more streamlined.


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