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Team Collaboration using Office 365 Groups








A common method used by many Teams within Organizations to collaborate is by sending an Email to the recipients .  And when a member needs to share some files, the simplest way is to attach the files and send it to 10 people of the Team. Office 365 has many features which help in collaboration . Some of the methods are by using Yammer , SharePoint or OneDrive for Business or even Skype  for Business .

There is one more method available for Team Collaboration. Its called Office 365 Groups . And the best part is that it is available within Outlook. So lets see what you can do with Groups. Lets say you have a Team called “Productivity “ . The older method would have involved creating an alias or Distribution Group called “Productivity” and then creating a list with the members of the Team. If a person sends a mail to “Productivity “ it would go to all the members of the Team . Each person would get the file attachment . This creates unnecessary Email traffic and extra storage is consumed . Besides , when a new person joins the Team , he has no access to the earlier communication .


With Groups, things are different. Lets first see the components of Groups:


1)   Conversations

To have discussions



To store Team files


     Group Calendar

Common Calendar for the Team


      Group Notebook

One Note for the Team



Now it is so easy for the Team members to collaborate . And even if a new member joins at a later date, he needs to go through the existing conversations .

Given below is the screen shot of Outlook with Groups enabled. On left Pane , under Groups , you see the Group "Productivity"  And at the Top are the components of Group i.e.  Conversations, Group Calendar , One Drive  for Shared Files and Shared One Note. 




So if you wish to understand how to implement Office 365 Groups and give your Team Collaboration a boost, kindly submit your inquiry by clicking on the “Submit” button.



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