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Office365 Services from TechGyan
Office365 is a State of the Art Cloud Services offering from Microsoft . It is potentially  the BEST Productivity Platform in the World. Microsoft has launched multiple plans for different types of users. To understand the different plans from Microsoft, click here .                                                      
             Office365 an Introduction
However , you can maximize the value of Office 365 only if you take care of 3 aspects 1) Proper initial Implementation 2) Ongoing Support  3) Continuous implementation of new features and workloads. To ensure  Customers get maximum benefit from Office365, TechGyan offers a range of Services over complete Life Cycle of the Solution Usage as follows:


A) Assistance with Ordering

TechGyan can guide you in selecting the most appropriate Service offering based on your needs . Once the right plan is identified , we shall guide you in the process of placing the order for the same.

B) Deployment & Migration

After the Order has been placed and Microsoft has provisioned the services , the next step is to deploy the Services. We have designed a Standard Implementation Package which is  able to deliver great value across different Workloads of Office 365 at a fixed price per user: 

1.  Exchange Online 

1.  Mailbox migration  

2.  User creation 

3.  Domain verification 

4.  Shift MX pointer 

5.  Test Mail flow 

6.  Setup Outlook on PC  


2.  Office 365 Groups 

1.  Group creation 

2.  Group Usage 


3.  SharePoint Online 

1.  Create Team Sites as  per Groups 

2.  Create Document Libraries and Picture Libraries 

3.  Team Favorites 


4.  OneDrive for Business 

1.  Cloud Store and Sync for Personal files 

2.  Offline sync 

3.  Share files internally 

4.  Share files externally 


5.  Teams 

1.  Personal chat on PC, browser , mobile 

2.  Team or Group chat 


C) Consulting Solutions  


Office 365 is an extensive Platform which offers a huge feature set . In order to help our Customers understand the Services better , we have divided various features into specific Consulting Services as given below : 

      2.    Time Management 

    3.    Email Management

4.    Document Management 

      5.    Compliance and Security  

      6.    Knowledge Management


A Customer can choose any specific Consulting Solution which will then be deployed as per the needs of the Customer  


D)Managed Services 


In order that our Customers get maximum benefit from Office 365 , we have designed our Managed Services into a few classes which the Customer may choose as per his need. The plans include: 


1.   Standard Plan  

2.   Silver Plan to maintain  your  existing setup  

3.   Gold Plan to maintain and continuously improve your existing setup



Below please find the chart for Office365 Managed Services types provides by TechGyan-




Please note that under our Gold Plan , a Customer can implement any of the Consulting Solutions listed above . Or ask for some specific Solutions or features . To know more about various features available in Office 365 , we encourage you to please read the blog Cloud Changes Everything   published by our CEO Mr. Suresh Ramani where new Cloud features are published about 2 times a month.



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So if you want to get  maximum out of Office 365 ,  call us at 91-022-24134530/39 . We suggest you submit your inquiry using the inquiry form which will appear once you click on Submit button.