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Keep Your Inbox Empty

One major drawback of Work Emails is that they tend to overwhelm the recipient. The volume of Emails is increasing by the day. And if the recipient had not handled the mails (majority do not), then the person begins to feel inadequate. There is a slow creepy feeling that maybe an important email is lying in the inbox still waiting to be addressed.  And there are literally hundreds and thousands of Emails lying in the inbox. The very thought of looking for an important email in that HUGE pile is scary.



An overflowing inbox is like a working table with piles of paper. So when you need anything, you have to search. A point is reached where a substantial time is spent in searching for the required or unread email. This issue can be resolved by keeping the Email Inbox empty. Well to put it correctly, keeping it Almost Empty. But that is easier said than done! To put this into   practice, one needs to spend a lot of time filing the mails to the required folders. That is something we cannot do.


The good news is that this can be achieved by combination of multiple techniques:


1) Move Mails to folders


2) Inbox Rules


3) Junk Mail 


4) Clutter


5) Convert Mails to Tasks


6) Have Action Required folder 


7) Retention Policies 


8) Archive


9) Email Sweep


By making an intelligent combination of the above, the Email Productivity can go up substantially and Email fatigue can come down drastically!

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