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Email Sweep 

One practice which can help you get most out of your Email system is to Keep Your Inbox Empty. Recently, Exchange Online, which is a part of Office 365 Cloud Platform, has introduced an exciting feature which cleans your inbox automatically based on the criteria you specify. It is called Sweep.


So let’s assume you get a mail from someone on regular basis. It could be from your Bank on transaction in your account or something similar. Now you do not want to have all these mails accumulating. What you need is just last few transactions. So you can now select the mail and then click on Sweep as shown below:



You can now see that there are multiple options. So if for this particular sender, you need only the messages received in last  10 days, you choose that option as shown below: 




The policy is now applied and all future mails from this sender will be subject to this policy. Only maasges from last 10 days from this sender will be available. Others will be auto deleted.


By applying Sweep, you will see a major portion of your mails getting cleaned up. So this in addition to other techniques we have discussed earlier, will give your Inbox that Lean & Mean look and will improve your Productivity.


So if you wish to understand how to implement the State of The Art Email system  based on  Office365, kindly submit your inquiry by clicking on the “Submit “ button.

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