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Solution : Email


Today’s workforce is mobile. In any office, there are individuals who are on the move. Since emails are the preferred way of communication, these mobile executives are cut off from emails while they are away from office. To address this problem, Techgyan offers a Comprehensive suite of email solution designed for the mobile worker. The Platform of choice is MS Exchange . the World’s leading Messaging Platform which enables Anytime, Anywhere, Any device Communication.

a) Outlook Web Access

Using any Internet connected PC , a mobile worker can now access his Corporate email account using a simple Internet browser. He will get access to his mails, calendar, tasks, contacts.

b) Outlook Anywhere

If the mobile worker carries a laptop, then his Outlook can be configured in such a manner that as soon as he connects to Internet, all his Corporate emails, tasks, calendar get synchronized with his Outlook . This is a truly fantastic solution for laptop carrying mobile worker.

c) Mobile Phones

Using any Mobile based phone which supports Activesync, now the mobile worker can get his mails delivered to his Mobile Outlook . So imagine that a mobile worker is travelling to his office and the travel time is 60 minutes. Instead of this time being wasted, now the mails can be read, replied, forwarded using nothing more than a Mobile phone.

Understanding MS Exchange                               Watch Video on MS Exchange vs. Google Apps


A popular myth is that MS Exchange is affordable only by very largeCompanies.This is incorrect. Exchange is infact used by Companies with as less as 5 users. To help Customers understand MS Exchange and why it is the preferred Email solution for customers all over the world, we have created a video. Please check the given link below for the same.

MS Exchange is available in Solution Bundles which are fine tuned keeping in mind different users as follows:

    MS Exchange (no user limit)
  •  Office365
  •  Private Cloud


MS Exchange resources


We have compiled useful resources on MS Exchange :





To know more about how Email can work for you, call at 91- 022-24134530/39 . We suggest you submit your inquiry using the inquiry form which will appear once you click on Submit button.