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Data Loss Prevention 

Data Loss Prevention ( DLP) is a part of Exchange Online Compliance Solution .  Its well accepted fact that internal threats are much bigger than external threats , when it comes to Data Leakage. Certain pre defined rules are configured . Every outgoing message is   evaluated by the DLP against the pre defined rules to prevent accidental or deliberate data leakage. This is done either by displaying warning or preventing the message from being sent.


Examples would include Passport number, Credit Card number , License number , etc.


In the screen below you can see that a policy is made on blocking Credit Card . When it is implemented, if anyone sends out an Email which has Credit card number, that message will be blocked.

Thus Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature enables Companies  to enforce message content rules within their organization.

The DLP feature is available in all Office 365 plans which include Exchange P2 plan. To know the different Exchange Online plans , click here .



If you wish to discuss how you can implement DLP in your Company, call us on 022-2413 4530. Or click on the submit button below and submit your query.
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