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De Clutter Your Inbox with Clutter


Email has become absolutely indispensable for any Organization, Large or Small. However, the flip side of the same is that every user is getting more and more mails every day. However, not all the mails received are equally important. Typically, the mails can be divided into multiple categories:



Useful but not important


Very Important


The Irrelevant mails should be marked as SPAM or JUNK.   Exchange Online, which is part of Office 365, has a very powerful Anti-Spam Engine which takes care the Spam Mails. In any case, this category of mails is such that User does not wish to spend any time on these mails. So it is relatively easy to deal with them. Trash them!

It is the second Category of Mails, the ones that are probably useful, but not important. The bulk of useful mails received belong to this Category. So these mails sit along with very useful mails and then overwhelm the User. To deal with this Category of Emails, a new tool has been launched in Office 365. It’s called Clutter.

So what does Clutter do? First, it creates a new mail folder Clutter. And then using advanced Machine Learning, it moves those mails which it considers to be less important to the Clutter folder. And it does this by observing your usage of the Email. And over time it keeps learning more about you and keeps moving less important mails to the Clutter folder with more accuracy.  

Here is how the Clutter folder looks:

Clutter is best suited and most effective for those of us who tend to pile up messages in our inboxes. Clutter respects your existing email rules, so if you have created rules to organize your email those rules continue to be applied and Clutter won’t act on those messages.

You also get a notification mail from Clutter when it moves a new type of message:


The Clutter folder allows you to take advantage of the feature across many email clients including Outlook, OWA, and OWA for devices, or EAS connected devices. Clutter continuously learns from your actions across these clients. Regardless of the client, the messages moved to the Clutter folder are out of your inbox view—yet readily accessible.

Thus we see that Clutter is an extremely useful tool which helps us to remain on top of our mails.

So if you wish to understand how to implement system based on Online Email   Archiving  as provided by  Office365, kindly submit your inquiry by clicking on the “Submit “ button.


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