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Calender Integration in Office 365

Many of us make active use of Calendar for our meetings .And Office 365 has a superb Calendar which effortlessly syncs across all your devices. But this Calendar also is tightly integrated with other components which immensely help in improving your productivity. Lets have a look at some of the stuff possible due to integration.  

In the screenshot below , you see a typical Calendar entry of a meeting listed as “Presentation”

When you double click your Calendar ,  you can see the screen below. Now if you click any of the attendees, eg. Saurav, you can directly send Email to him or send an instant message or even schedule another meeting with him.  

That’s not all . You can also see which groups he is part of . And inside the red circle you see  Mails, Files, Events.

And now when you click on Mails, you immediately get list of all Emails sent by him to you. And when you click on Files, it gives you all files which he sent to you as attachments or shared with you. Does that help you save time? Of course! 

Check the screen  below. It gives the list of all the files shared by Saurav. And you can open any file from Calendar itself.


All the above benefits are such that they help you save a few minutes every time you use them . And all these few minutes saved every time results in substantial Productivity gains over time.  


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